Party Rental Policies

1) At the time your reservation is made, a minimum of 50% of the rental amount is required.

2) All orders must be paid in full at least 5 days prior to pick-up.

3) Payments made with check or cash will require an additional 10% deposit to be paid.

4) Payments made with credit card require no additional deposit.

5) We do not reserve items until payment has been received and we have a signed contract on file.

6) All rental reservations must have a credit card on file.

1) At the time of reservation, we must have a signed reservation and 50% payment to hold your reservation.

2) If either item is not received, your order will remain a quote, not a reservation*.

Cancellation Policy
1) Reservations require 50% of all charges to be paid as deposit.

2) Cancellation fee of 25% of total will be withheld from your initial payment if reservation is cancelled 30 or more days prior to pick-up/delivery date. A fee of 50% will be withheld if cancelled 11-29 days prior to pick-up/delivery date, and 100% of all rental fees are non-refundable if cancelled 10 days or less prior to pick-up/delivery date.

3) All changes to reservations less then 24 hours prior to event subject to minimum $50.00 change order fee.

Returns-Final Inspection
1) We reserve the right to modify charges for broken, missing, damaged, dirty items up to 48 hours after items have been received prior to going through FINAL inspection.

Delivery & Set-Up
1) Typical delivery/pickup hours are Monday through Saturday 9:00am – 5:30pm. Additional delivery charges will apply for orders requiring delivery/pickup before or after our typical hours of operation noted above.

2) If you require delivery outside of our normal delivery times a minimum additional overtime fee will apply.

3) We cannot guarantee a specific delivery/pickup time. To find out when your order is scheduled for delivery/pick-up, please call the day before the delivery/pick-up date indicated on your contract.

4) For a weekend event, we may deliver as early as Wednesday. If you are scheduled for a Friday delivery, we may call you at the beginning of the week and move the delivery day up a day or two according to our workload and weather conditions.

5) Pickups that are scheduled for Monday may be pushed back to a later day due to inclement weather or other scheduling issues. Your flexibility is greatly appreciated by our staff. Keep in mind that the safety of all equipment is the customerâ�s responsibility from the time of delivery to the time of pickup.

6) All delivered equipment is dropped off in stacks as close to your requested area as can be reached with our delivery vehicle, according to prior submitted layout/directions sent by the customer.

7) If items must be transported to specific area, i.e. (inside building, up stairs, elevators, etc.), customer is to pay additional minimum fee.

8) Set up and break down service for chairs & tables is available at an additional fee.

9) If you set up the equipment, it is also your responsibility to break it down into stacks and return it to the place where it was delivered.

10) All items being picked up must be in the same location to where we delivered.

11) We will not set-up any items, tents included, unless we have received a drawing/diagram of requested placement minimum of five (5) days prior to event.

12) Changes made at location regarding placement of items will be subject to an hourly fee of $50.00 per hour, per person , with a $50.00 minimum fee.

Tent staking and installation
All tents we install will be staked into the ground, An additional fee will apply if water barrels are needed. If severe weather is predicted, we reserve the right to refuse to install a frame tent. Know what is underground before we arrive. We are not responsible for any underground utilities, sprinkler systems, septic systems, electrical, rocks, etc. Keep in mind that overhead clearance (i.e. electrical wires, tree branches, etc.) is also necessary. Permits for tents are customers responsibility.

Chocolate Fountain
Must be cleaned and returned the same way it was rented to you. If not, you will be charged a cleaning fee. Instructions are supplied with this item.

All dishware, glassware and flatware must be rented at least 10 days in advance. Once reserved there cannot be any cancellations allowed, no exceptions. Last minute additions to orders may be possible but they’re costly. When lifting the racks, be sure to lift from the bottom only. You are responsible for any missing or damaged dishware and glasses and will be charged accordingly. Failure to put all dishware and glassware back in racks will result in additional fee.

As a service to our customers, we offer the rental of top quality linens and napkins in a variety of colors and sizes. Linens must be reserved at least 10 days in advance and paid in full at time of reservation. Once the linens are reserved there cannot be any cancellations allowed, no exceptions. Last minute additions to linen orders may be possible but they are costly. When picking-up linens, you are responsible for verifying that you are receiving the appropriate number. All linens must be returned in the supplied laundry bags, free from any burns, wax, tears, pins, tacks, abrasions, etc.

The customer is responsible for the replacement cost of any missing or damaged items. Shake out any loose debris from linen (food, petals, decorations, etc). Failure to remove all loose debris will result in a fee of $2.00 per linen. All skirts come on a special skirt hanger; these skirt hangers must be returned or a fee of $6 per hanger will be incurred. Skirts also come with clips; you will be charged $.50 for each missing clip.

We reserve the right to make final inspection of linens when we perform our cleaning/pressing procedure. Typically, this process will be done within 72 hours; after which you will be notified of missing or damaged items.

Mechanical Candles and Wax Refills
Mechanical candles require wax refills which we have for purchase. You are required to return mechanical candles in the candle wraps in which you received them upon pick-up/delivery (each wrap contains 15 candles). If wraps or candles are missing, you will be charged upon drop-off or later notified.

When mechanical candle, candle holder, candelabra, etc. are returned they must be clean and free of wax. If not, there will be a $20 cleaning charge per candelabra or fixture.

Dance Floor
When choosing a location for a dance floor, we will only setup on HARD FLAT LEVEL SURFACES! ie: concrete, blacktop.


When choosing a inflatable select one based on the size and surface of your area. Our water inflatables will NOT be setup on any dirt surfaces. Dry inflatables can be setup on dirt surfaces. We setup on concrete, grass, blacktop. We can setup on small landscape rock but you are required to supply a tarp for the entire size of the inflatable. You may also rent a tarp from us at a additional charge. You are responsible for measuring and making sure the inflatable will fit in the space you want free of bushes and branches. We only use stakes to anchor down our inflatables its your responsibility to know where all utility lines, sprinkler lines are. We are not responsible to any damage to underground lines. A fee of 50% will be withheld for orders canceled 5 days prior to delivery date. No refunds once we arrive at location. We reserve the right to cancel or postpone your rental. We issue a rain check on any inflatable if chance of rain is higher than 50% or if winds or gust are expected to be higher than 20 mph. You must have a access to location at least 4 feet wide and 8 feet high. We will not deliver up stairs or down stairs for the safety of our people. A charge of $150.00 minimum if you purposely or accidentally wet any of our dry inflatables. $ 200.00 minimum fee will be charge if you don’t turn off your sprinklers and wet any of our inflatables. No silly string to be around or in any of our inflatables they cause extreme damage and we will charge you for loss or rental of $ 300.00 and damage cost.

All Item Availability Is Based On 1st Come/ 1st Serve Basis.

Note: These policies are to be included in what is stipulated in the signed rental contract.